10 Things You Could do to Create a Happier Day

How you start your day can have an effect on your mood and form. Developing strategies to wake up happier and reprogramming your early morning habits to create positive experiences in the morning can set you up to have a happier day. Here are some suggestions you could incorporate into your daily routine to create happier thoughts to start your day off with.

1. Get up ten minutes early and have this time to yourself to relax. Rushing around in the morning can lead to a rocky start to the day and can affect how the day goes. The ten minute gives you a head start on the day.

2. Do something you enjoy before first thing in the morning can put you in a good mood. Enjoy a cup of tea while listening to music, read a magazine article, check out your favourite internet websites or read the funnies.

3. Write a Thank You list. Recognising what we have to be grateful for can promote positive thoughts in motion for the day.

4. Spend a few minutes meditating, practising yoga or tai-chi. Calming the mind and spirit can prepare you to face the challenges of the day in a more relax way.

5. Exercise – 10 minutes of exercise a day can invigorate the body and boost your health. Having even a short walk in the fresh air can improve your form and create feelings of well-being. Can’t get out, put on some music and dance around the kitchen like nobody is watching.

6. Let go of yesterday. Dwelling on mistakes can create feelings of unhappiness. If you make a mistake find the lesson in it and move on, holding onto them can lead to rumination and creating unnecessary unhappiness. Use the morning to reflect and move on can help avoid re-playing the movie over and over again.

7. Be your own best friend. We spend a lot of time listening to our inner critic while encouraging, supporting our friends. We are never as hard on our friends as we are on ourselves. Spend a few minutes each morning practising positive self-talk and see the difference in a week.

8. We are all great at giving advice to our friends but how many of us spend some time listening and following the wisdom of our inner-selves. You and only you knows’ what is best for you. Spend time in stillness and connect within when you need guidance in your life.

9. Get your cuddles in. Physical contact releases oxytocin a hormone that makes you feel good AND boosts your immune system. Spending 10 minutes a day cuddling can not only make you feel better but improve your relationship by deepening your connection with your partner.

10. Watch your favourite cartoon, read the funnies, laugh at yourself for taking life to seriously. Laughter releases endorphins our natural feel-good chemicals which can promote feelings of relaxation and well-being.


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Post by Pauline Mc Cormack

Disclaimer: Please note that this post is for information purposes only. I am not a medical doctor. This information at no point should be used in place of seeking official advice from a qualified medical doctor.