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1 A.M, 2 A.M, 3.A.M Why can’t I sleep?

We all know good night sleep is essential to good health. It is recommended that we get between 7-8 hours’ sleep a night to enable our bodies to rest properly, store memories, restore energy and allow our bodies to heal. Even having a few days of sleep deprivation can affect your overall health leading to increased weight gain, the risk of diabetes, depression, affect your ability to concentrate and process information and cause heart problems.

How to achieve your goals!!! A few easy steps!!

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Taking time to sit down and plan out your goals is key to getting what you want in life. It is very easy to set goals but achieving them is another thing. Keeping motivated and developing new habits, understanding why you have and haven’t achieved some of your goals is an important starting point in goal setting. Spending a few minutes a day focusing on what you want out of life can make such a difference to your happiness.

5 Free Instant Happy Factors

Winter time can instigate a lot of health problems ranging from flu’s and colds to the winter blues. Having strategies in place to help you manage your physical, emotional and mental health is important. Here are 5 short term solutions to bring yourself back into balance and help you feel better. Cuddles, friend therapy, exercise, smiling, laughing and even a good old a cry can affect your hormones giving you a natural boost.

10 Things You Could do to Create a Happier Day

How you start your day can have an effect on your mood and form. Developing strategies to wake up happier and reprogramming your early morning habits to create positive experiences in the morning can set you up to have a happier day. Here are some suggestions you could incorporate into your daily routine to create happier thoughts to start your day off with.

Male Infertility

Men don’t always hear their biological clocks ticking the same way as Women and often believe that they have the power to fertilize right up until their demise. However research is now showing that this isn’t the case. Men’s power to fertilize begins to fade in their fifties so the importance of men taking care of their reproductive health is as important as women looking after theirs.

I.V.F and Acupuncture

One in six couples these days are experiencing difficulties in conceiving. The contributing causes include leaving parenthood to later in life, increased environmental toxins and stress levels, poor diet and nutrition combined with an increased sedentary life. Making some lifestyle changes including green leafy vegetables in your diet, reducing sweet foods and alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can improve chances of conception.

The Fertile Mind

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always incorporated the power of thoughts and feelings on our physical and emotional health but Western medicine is only now starting to recognize the link. Research is showing a clear connection between the workings of the mind and its impact on our physical health and well-being. When people are trying to conceive a baby for a period of time it can become difficult and stressful for both partners requiring a lot of support.

What to expect after an Acupuncture Session ?

This can be a difficult question to answer from a general perspective. People’s experiences can vary from a deep sense of well-being and relaxation to the onset of a healing crisis which can be uncomfortable. Often people’s expectations of acupuncture can be quite high and sometimes people think it is a miracle cure. It is important for people to understand that everyone’s response is individual.

Stress Nation

The last few years in Ireland could be considered one long stress period for many people. The causes of stress are individual to each person; common ones can include: unemployment, money worries, relationship worries, longer working hours and having to travel further to reach work. Having less free time to unwind and spend time with family and friends have become an everyday problem and it’s not surprising it is impacting on people’s health